Cool Science Kits

By Dave Mosher | 05.16.12 6:47 PM


Ah, the wonders of old-school chemistry sets: a little explosive powder here, some radioactive material there, and acids strong enough to dissolve a corpse. Then came the lawsuits. Today’s kits can’t really compare, but a handful do pack the proper equipment to get kids started.

Milestones in Science (ages 10+)

Most scientists stand on the shoulders of giants. With this kit, kids can walk in their shoes. Milestones re-creates 100 experiments, from the camera obscura to Principia Mathematica.
$80 | Milestones in Science

Snap Circuits Extreme (ages 8+)

This kit packs enough parts for budding circuit monkeys to build a voice recorder, an FM radio, a lie detector, and 750 other gizmos.
$134 | Snap Circuits Extreme

ScienceWiz Chemistry Plus (ages 8+)

Don’t look for the colorful flasks or beakers shown on the box. Still, it provides the right stuff to test for pH level, change the color of flames with salts, and even generate a bit of hydrogen gas.
$20 | ScienceWiz Chemistry Plus

CHEM C3000 (ages 12+)

Short on gimmicks and high on versatility, with 75 well-picked parts, including an alcohol burner, electrochemistry supplies, and flammable and toxic chemicals.
$250 | CHEM C3000