Camera Gear

By Jackson Lynch | 06.18.12 12:03 PM

Camera Gear

Optrix HD iPhone Case: Rating 8

This water- and impact-resistant plastic case sits on a mount with a shock absorber so you can turn your iPhone into a POV cam. Add the superb image stabilization of iOS and you'll get video that won't induce nausea. The free Optrix VideoSport app streamlines controls, but the VideoPro app, which adds cool metrics like speed and G-force, costs $10. WIRED About one-third the price of the popular GoPro HD POV cam. Variety of base-mount shapes available. TIRED You have to remove your helmet to change settings or start/stop recording. $90

Gerber Steady Multitool Tripod: Rating 5

Sure, this multitool will cut, screw, and open. But it also boasts a tripod for smartphones and point and shoots. Unfold the rubber-footed legs, secure your device to the suction-cup attachment, and shoot. It's not perfect: The attachment has to be screwed on via a too-small knurled barrel, and the suction cup rarely gets a secure hold on the first try. WIRED Opens up new worlds of low-light, time-lapse, and multiple· exposure photography. TIRED Makes you open a blade to unfold the mount. Suction cup doesn't quite suction enough. $64

Tamron 18·200 f3.5-6.3 Di Ill VC Zoom: Rating 7

Sony offers an 18- to 200-mm zoom for its NEX line of cameras, but Tamron's new E-mount lens is 2 ounces lighter, $100 cheaper, and boasts a fantastic vibration compensation system. All-in-one zooms generally involve compromises on one end or the other. Here, it's at the long end,where images suffer from noticeable softness. WIRED VIbration compensation two to three extra stops of handheld steadiness. Fewer color aberrations In zoomed photos than the Sony. TIRED Minimum focusing distance of 20 Inches, not very close-up close-ups. $800

Booq Python Sling Bag: Rating 7

The single-strap design of this plush, comfy camera bag lets you easily access its contents without taking it off. And the smart interior layout makes great use of the relatively streamlined dimensions. There's room for two DSLR bodies, five lenses, and a MacBook Air-all cosseted by padded dividers-plus external straps for toting a tripod. WIRED As spatially efficient as a perfect game of Tetrls. Water-repellent nylon exterior and a hide-away rain cover. TIRED Encourages you to lug more stuff than you should be carrying on one shoulder. $230