Windows 7 Phone Cameras

By James Merithew | 06.18.12 12:03 PM

Windows 7

Nokia Lumia 900

The Lumia 900 is the best-designed smartphone camera we've ever tested. The 4.3-inch screen, solid 5.6-ounce heft, and thoughtful control layout make you forget it's a phone. An 8-MP sensor and a 28-mm f2.2 Zeiss lens handle image capture, but low-light shots are a notch below the iPhone's. Like all Windows phones, the 900 has a physical two-step button: Depress halfway for focus/exposure, all the way to trigger the shutter. WIRED Clearly designed with photography in mind. Three onboard metering modes. TIRED Images noisy in low light and foggy In high· contrast settings. $100 w/ two-year contract

Samsung Focus S

Like the Nokia, the Focus has a physical shutter tiutton. But it skips the Zeiss lens-plus a whole lot more, judging by the anorexic profile. (Zeisses aren't everything; the iPhone doesn't use one.) For whatever reason, though, photo quality suffers: Images were cloudy or overexposed, especially in mixed-light and high-contrast set· tings. And at just 3.9 ounces, this waif left us very aware that we were taking pictures with a phone. WIRED Deep, rich colors on AMOLED screen. Shutter button auto-launches camera mode. TIRED Wafer-thin design feels like a toy. Poor shots In bad light. $200 w/ two-year contract.