Android Phone Camera

By James Merithew | June 12, 2012 | 6:00 am

Photo Android Camera

HTC One X (AT&T) RATING 7 Never miss another shot: The One's rapid-fire burst mode-it's the only camera so equipped in our whole Smartphone test-will keep shooting at an iPhone-crushing four frames per second for as long as you're touching the onscreen shutter. Despite the 28-mm f2.0 lens, though, the resulting images aren't quite as nice as we'd like. Still, it's plenty of camera for Android users looking to chuck their point-and-shoots.

WIRED Crazy-fast burst mode. Auto-selects the most In-focus pies from the sequence of shots. Massive 4.7-lnch screen. TIRED Too big for comfortable one-handed operation. $200 w/ two-year contract

LG SPECTRUM (VERIZON) RATING 4 Image-quality problems and interface hiccups cripple the Spectrum in all but ideal settings. Even in bright light, the slightest motion from you or your subject results in a blurry image. High-contrast scenes are unmanageable due to the sensor's limited range. The 8-MP camera does offer solid options for tweaking exposure and zoom, plus a nice built-in panorama function. But these features weren't nearly enough to compensate for its flaws.

WIRED Stunning 4.5-inch HD display. TIRED Shutter lag is at the low end of acceptable. Awful color-management tools had us shoot• lng black and white. $200 w/ two-year contract