Best Summer Ever - 1982

By Nathan Mattise | 05.15.2012 | 6:30 am

Best Summer Ever

For movies, 1982 was more important than you think-and one Texas cinema will let you relive it exactly. Aaahh, 1982. Prince William was born. Thriller debuted. And it was the greatest summer ever for movies.

Conan the Barbarian. Mad Max 2, Rocky III. Poltergeist, Star Trek II. E.T., The Thing, and Tron all opened in the US that year. "I was 12, so I didn't see all the R-rated movies," says Tim League, founder of the art-house-style theater chain Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. "But I saw everything else." This summer he'll be able to see those R-rated flicks on the big screen, when Drafthouse shows all eight films on the 30th anniversary of their release dates.

Drafthouse's flagship theater will mimic '82 exactly; even running the original trailers that preceded each picture. Other locations will show certain select screenings.

"Even films that didn't succeed that year have settled into their place as classics:• says Drew McWeeny, film editor for the entertainment site HitFix, which is cosponsoring the screenings. Think this summer's Avengers. Dark Knight Rises, and, uh, Battleship will be just as iconic? Check back in 30 years.