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Final Assembly
Talking Professor Orange Portal

Boy, I am fairly amazed you made this far maybe hiring you wasn't a total failure after all. Now put the gun together and get to work!

Place the clear tube assembly inside the main barrel of the gun and glue it in. Then glue the LEDs onto the rear of the diffuser and affix the switch somewhere inside the handle assembly where it will be easily reached by your thumb when holding the gun.

Drill two holes behind the hook mounting points. Into which glue the wires on the top of the barrel behind the hook mounting point drill a hole for the wire.

Glue the back shell onto the rear of the gun and drill down through the top hole in the rear shell (20mm). For another section of the solid bar to be placed to bring the light up to the top of the gun. (Make sure the main diffuser bar comes back to the same point as the top down bar reaches the lights so that all the light will be used.

Now add the front claws onto the mounting points and position them correctly.

Blue Portal