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Blue Insulation and PVC Pipe Blue LED and Orange LED Filler Primer Spray Paint and Epoxy
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You think the materials your gonna need are just going to fall from the sky? Well your wrong so start gathering we're not paying you to stand there.

Shelling Plates: Blue Insulation Foam.

Gun Barrel: PVC Pipe at 110mm and 70mm and one clear 65mm tube and a solid clear acrylic rod at 20mm (Barrel and Body) and plastic acrylic sheet for detailing parts.

Lighting: blue LEDs and two orange LEDs, a three way switch, an assortment of wire and a 9volt battery, and three black cables and wire to put inside.

Paints: Emulsion paint, filler primer spray paint, plastic primer spray paint and finally white spray paint and black spray paint.

Body Filler: P38 polyester filler.

Sticky Stuff: Lots of glue ranging from two part epoxy and super glue and masking tape.

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