Tools Needed: MODIO, EzGt, Xplorer
Plugging USB into Xbox 360
Selecting memory from dashboard
Move profile to USB stick
Open Xplorer
Long set of numbers
Extracting profile from Xplorer
Double click profile
Choose extracted profile in EzGt
Changing gamertag name
Clicking Rehash and Resign
Click Inject Folder Button in Xplorer
Plugging USB back into Xbox 360
Choosing a profile
New gamertag displayed
Download and install all three programs onto your computer. To ensure you don't get a virus please use the download links provided at the top of the page. (Use at your own risk)
Plugging In
Plug your USB stick into the Xbox console.
Open Memory
Click "My Xbox" on your Xbox dashboard and click "System Settings." Click "Memory" from the settings.
Copy Profile
Click on your profile and move it to your USB memory stick.
Open the USB Xplorer program on your computer.
Plug In USB
Plug the USB stick into your computer. Use USB Xplorer and click on "File" and "Open Device." A long set of numbers appears on the screen.
Scroll down until you get to the very last number on the screen. Click on that number. You are prompted as to whether you want to extract that profile. Click "Yes" to extract the profile to your desktop.
Double Click
Double-click the newly extracted profile from your desktop to open it.
Open EzGt
Open EzGt on your computer. Click the open button and choose your profile that you just extracted.
New Gamertag
Change your current gamertag to whatever you want in the display box, then simply press the save button to finish the process.
Open Modio
Open Modio on your computer. Click on the extracted files list. The last extracted file is your newly modded gamertag.
Rehash and Resign
Click "Rehash and Resign" the file and close the Modio program.
Button Inject
Click back over to USB Xplorer and click the "Inject Folder" button. Confirm your modded gamertag folder is there. Click on that folder only and close the program.
Plug USB Into Xbox
Remove the USB stick from your computer and plug back into the Xbox.
Choose Your Profile
On the load screen of the Xbox, you will be prompted to choose a profile. Choose your newly modded one from the USB stick.
Mission Accomplished
Sign into Xbox LIVE with your regular account. Your modded gamertag shows up.